Watch Google I/O 2011 Live Video Streaming with I/O Live

by on May 10, 2011
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Google I/O 2011 event is today, and is just 2 hours away from starting. Most of you won’t be attending the Google I/O 2011 this year as the tickets for the event were sold out in just 59 minutes. Google made sure, that everyone, everywhere gets to watch live video streaming of Google I/O 2011 from the comfort of their home, office etc.

I/O Live will bring live video stream and all the exciting announcements and keynotes live for audiences all over the world. I’m sure you all must have seen the Google I/O 2011 website, which from May 10, will be turned into the I/O Live dashboard. Google I/O is an annual developers conference held by Google, every May.

Thanks to I/O Live dashboard, you can:

  • Watch live stream video feeds from their two largest session rooms from 9:00 a.m PST to 6:00 p.m. PST during both days of the conference.
  • Read captions from the live streamed sessions in real-time.
  • Be one of the first to know by getting your news direct from the source.
  • Submit your questions to our Sandbox developers.

According to Google, this year they are going to have the largest Google I/O event, ever. Don’t forget to watch the countdown to 00:00:00:00 as Google I/O 2011 kicks off!

Google I/O 2011 Live Video Stream:

Google I/O 2011 Live Stream from YouTube:

UPDATE: Added YouTube live video stream link for Google I/O 2011

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