Check Where Google Recorded Android Phone Location

by on April 24, 2011
in Android, Mobile Apps

You probably heard how Apple records and tracks your location through the iPhone, the same is the case with Google tracking your location with Android phone and devices. But ofcourse, Google does that with permission.

Google asks for permission on tracking your location anonymously in the beginning when setting up your your new Android phone or after a full reset. Android records your location and sends it back to Google; caches the position on your Android device.

Location Cache is a free Android app that allows you to look at this cached location data on your Android phone / device in an easy way. You can see the locations on a map what positions have been cached on your device and sent back to Google.

NOTE: This app, Location Cache, requires root access, which means your Android device should be rooted!

This cached location data comes from two files in the phone, and can be only read by the app if your phone is rooted.

Download Location Cache from Android Market.

UPDATE: Location Cache is not the only app to find out locations your phone has stored. Android Location Cache Viewer is another Android app that does the same task.

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