Windows 8 Tweaker: Unlock Hidden Features in Windows 8

Windows 8 (build 7850) Milestone 1 is basically Windows 7 with some new additions and features that Microsoft has been working under the hood. But they are kinda locked up, and not visible in any menu. They can be only dug up deep in Windows 8 files and registry.

Windows 8 Tweaker is a free utility that allows users to unlock hidden features/programs in Windows 8 (build 7850). Hidden Windows 8 features like enabling modern task manager, enable webcam app, Windows 8 PDF reader, Windows 8 Ribbon UI etc.

You can download this utility for free if you’re on Windows 8 leaked build 7850. According to the developers of this app, more features will be added as newer Windows 8 builds show up.

Download Windows 8 Tweaker

You can download this free utility from here: Download Windows 8 Tweaker

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