Try Google Analytics 5, Beta Available for Everyone

by on April 21, 2011
in Google

Google has launched the new Google Analytics 5 for all the users today! The fifth version of Google Analytics is still in beta phase and Google has launched it for everyone to try and give feedback.

Google Analytics 5 is available in all the languages to try. There are tons of new features added for better analyzing your websites.

How to Get Google Analytics 5

You can try out the new Google Analytics 5 now. Sign in to your Google Analytics account, and you will see a “New Version” link at the top right of your page.

A number of new features have been added to Google Analytics 5. The entire Google Analytics platform has been redesigned to support major new functionality – some of them are live, and others will be added in a while.

Google Analytics 5 features a streamlined interface to make it easier to get to the information you want. Other features in the latest update are, as stated by Google:

  • A completely redesigned, faster interface.
  • Multiple dashboards—build a custom dashboard for each department.
  • Event Goals! Track your PDF downloads as goals with events, or configure 2 minutes play time on a video as a goal. Read Kayden’s great blog post on this feature.
  • More powerful custom reports—you can pre-filter reports and build additional data views.
  • New Term Cloud visualization.
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