Install Windows 8 on USB Drive with Portable Workspace Feature

Windows 8 leaks have helped us discover so many new features that will be releasing with Windows 8 Enterprise/Ultimate. We still believe that these early-developmental leaks of Windows 8  might have features that may not actually make it to the final version, but still, every new feature is worth checking out!

Microsoft will make sure Windows 8 supports a range of other devices other than just tablets, PCs. Windows 8 installation will not just be limited to Hard Disks, but can now also be installed on USB drives. Widows 8 will allow you to install Windows on USB drive, bootable.

Windows 8 will have Portable Workspace, a new feature that allows users to install Windows 8 on USB drives and also run Windows 8 from USB drives.

“To create a Portable Workspace, you need access to Windows 8 Enterprise Edition installation files and a USB storage device with the following features: the device appears as fixed storage media [and] there is sufficient space for a full installation of Windows 8 Enterprise Edition.”

This feature will let Windows 8 install on a USB drive and will be available as a bootable, portable copy of Windows 8. It will have all the settings, software etc. that users would have installed.

How to Install Windows 8 on USB Drive with Portable Workspace Feature

Watch the video below for a demo of how to install Windows 8 on USB drive.

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