Firefox 6 Download Manager Will Be Redesigned

by on April 18, 2011
in Browsers, Firefox

Firefox 6 Download Manager will be getting a major redesign. The short release cycle of Firefox won’t bring big changes with every update, but still have updates here and there, just like Chrome does.

To come to think of it, Mozilla just released the final version of Firefox 4, plans to release Firefox 5 in June, and now here they are already with plans for the Firefox 6.

Mozilla’s latest goal is to change the entire UI of the download manager. Mozilla plans to change the UI of all the objects that load in new windows (download manager, preferences, bookmarks etc) and fit them in new tabs. Firefox 4 has already done that with the addons manager.

Chrome 12 is no different. It already opens Booksmarks, History, Preferences, Download Manager etc. in different tabs, instead of loading in another window.

According to Mozilla, this new UI will provide “better consistency within Firefox and a better experience for users.”

[Via Browser Scene]

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