Autosquare: Foursquare Check-In Automatically

Foursquare is one of the most popular location-based social networks, which is more of a game where you “check-in” at every place you visit.

People who use Foursquare a lot, and literally “check-in” at every place they go, taking out your phone just to check-in at times could be very annoying. This is where this small Android app comes in.

Autosquare is a free Android app that automatically checks-in to your favourite venues on Foursquare. In order to run this app accurately, you need to have a working GPS on your Android phone.

From our tests, the app was accurately adding our check-ins to Foursquare. This app has great potential, and if the developer puts in just a little more tweaks, it would really get popular among Foursquare users on Android.

Download Autosquare

You can download this app from the Android Market: Download Autosquare

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