Samsung KIES Updated for Galaxy S Gingerbread Update

by on March 25, 2011
in Android, Gadgets

Samsung has updated their desktop PC software for Samsung devices, Samsung KIES. It has been updated to be able to get the Android 2.3.2 update for the Galaxy S devices.

Galaxy S Gingerbread update was promised for March 20th by the Samsung Mobile’s Romanian team, but nothing is available so far.

Considering the number of Froyo update leaks before the official release, Samsung seems to be pretty tight with Gingerbread releases this time. Only one Galaxy S Gingerbread leak till now.

According to the latest Samsung KIES update, the Galaxy S Gingerbread is due to release on March 30th. I just hope this time they really roll out the update to all the Galaxy S users!

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  • Sglancy

    Can't wait :)

  • CitrikElektrik

    First of all, they'll have to fixed that damned Kies to work properly before even thinking update the phone's firmware… :-|
    The update is not working on my XP computer and the last upgrade i attempted after froyo was not working on my 7 computer.

  • Sooryanp

    Rt. Kies is a bloody thing and seems guys at samsung lost their brains. They are trying to update phone formware but not taking care of kies. Kies is the worst software,i have seen in my life and sometimes thinking to go away from samsung due to kies hell

  • Webmaster

    Kies update worked fine after closing anti virus program and disabling the proxy settings

  • Tomaxjones

    i cant wait for the new update i have wanted 2.3 gingerbread for ages

  • Melvyn Scott

    I have to say that if there is a problem to be had……….I will have it !!!
    I have never had a problem with Kies, it always works and updates properly, and when Android 2.2 came out, it did the update without any problems. Am using Win XPl

    Looking forward to 2.3 Gingerbread.

  • Dani

    ok it's 30 march 2011 and nothing when i connect my GalaxyS via kies:| wtf i hope we don't have to wait till 12 pm :| to release it:|

  • Sandboxivan

    Where is the update. March 20 then 30. All are lie. Maybe March of next year!