Best Screen Snap: Symbian^3 Screenshot App

Symbian^3 screenshot app was one app I really wanted Ovi Store to have, but unfortunately they did not. After a little search on Google, it finally led me to the best Symbian^3 screenshot app – Best Screen Snap.

ScreenSnap allows you to take screenshots on Symbian^3 devices i.e Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia E7 etc.

It is a very simple app with minimal features, just the way you will like it. I actually loved it more than any screenshot apps on Android.

You can use your camera key on the phone or just any other key to take screneshots. The app runs in the background while you take screenshots on Symbian^3. The app gives you options to choose different formats and image quality and you can also add a delay in taking screenshots.

Download Best Screen Snap

You can download this Symbian^3 screenshot app from here: Download ScreenSnap

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