Internet Explorer 10 Might Ship With Windows 8

by on March 16, 2011
in Browsers, Windows

Microsoft is planning to ship Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) with Windows 8? Well, it seems so. IE9 just released yesterday and the rumours of IE10 have already started surfacing that it might be released along with Windows 8 in 2012.

This new rumour comes in from a Chinese website Win7China – The same website that leaked the first Windows 8 screenshots.

According to them, IE10 is already in Windows 8 M3, but that is still unconfirmed. The arrival of IE10 with Windows 8 sounds fine as by the time Windows 8 will be released, IE9 would be an year old.

No leaked IE10 screenshots or other information for now, but I’m sure they would soon be available!

Check out for more Windows 8 screenshots and other leaked information here.


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