Download Naima PS3 CFW 3.55/3.60 Hybrid with Full PSN Access

by on March 16, 2011
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Naima CFW 3.55 / 3.60 Hybrid is now available for download. Naima Custom Firmware 3.55 / 3.60 Hybrid gives full PSN access and retains jailbreak PS3 3.60 firmware.

The CFW 3.55 / 3.60 is actually a hybrid of PS3 firmware 3.55 and 3.60. It uses some files from the new PS3 firmware 3.60 update and at the backend, it is still the old PS3 3.55 firmware.

It spoofs your firmware to retain your full PSN access for games (multiplayer gaming etc.). The dev says that only 3 bytes of vsh.self has been modified and is required for the PS3 3.60 spoof to work.

NOTE: This is for educational purposes only and we do NOT condone piracy or hacking in any form.

Remember: It is always best not to access PSN on your jailbroken PS3. You never known what method Sony might use to ban you forever!

*** THIS IS CFW for FW 3.55 NOT FOR FW 3.60 ***

Download and apply it to Official Firmware 3.55

3.55-60CFW-naima.patch (File Size: 39.96MB

This Naima CFW 3.55 / 3.60 Hybrid patch will only work on official PS3 3.55 firmware!

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