Camera Zoom in Nexus S Fix Coming Soon

by on March 14, 2011
in Android, Gadgets

EXCLUSIVE: Hard to believe, but the Google Nexus S does not have the ‘zoom’ feature in its camera app. In fact, the hardware doesn’t support zoom at all.

I tried a few third-party apps, thinking the stock Gingerbread camera app is buggy, to make the zoom feature work, but even they said “Camera does not support zoom”.

After a little tinkering around, I checked up with a few reliable sources and found out that this is not a software issue. It is actually a hardware firmware issue from Samsung and they are aware of it. The best part is, they are working on a fix which will be available very soon.

There are a number of threads on XDA forums complaining about the Nexus S not having the zoom feature. But Samsung is working on a fix which should be soon available for the Nexus S users.

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  • LM69

    Have had my Nexus S for a few days and only just realised today that it had no zoom… wtf? That's just insane, they really dropped the ball on this. Just wondering how that meeting went when some suited moron said “why would the camera need a zoom”?… Oh well, glad they're going to fix it though.

  • Karl Marx

    Do u know when Samsung will fix or upgrade their firmware? How can I find a information?

  • Really missing the zoom function on the Nexus S. In fact I just took my old Nokia N95 to a concert so I can use the zoom and that camera. Weird.

  • lowgitek

    they never fix it.. what loosers!