iPhone 5 Aluminium Rear Case and New Antenna

by on March 7, 2011
in Apple, iPhone

New set of rumours have just arrived related to the iPhone 5. According to a Chinese source, Apple is planning to go for an aluminium rare case in the iPhone 5. This is to counter all the complaints people had with the iPhone 4 being heavy and easy to damage.

The side-mounted antennas will no longer be there. Hence, no antennagate? There will be a single point antenna on the rear of the phone underneath the Apple logo.

Like always, Apple has refused to comment on such rumours. It is also reported that the new iPhone 5 will have the new Apple iPad 2 Cortex A9-based A5 dual core processor.

iPhone 5 is expected to be launched at WWDC 2011 in June or July.

[Via Neowin]

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  • ali

    Antenna issue in iphone 4 hurted Apple's image. hopefully ipad 5 will not have any problem.