iPad 2 Jailbreak Might Be Possible on iOS 4.3

by on March 4, 2011
in Apple, iPhone

Apple unveiled the all new iPad 2 yesterday at a press event where it also announced the iOS 4.3 and other iPad accessories.

iPad 2 is not yet available in stores, but there is something already to worry about. Will there be jailbreak for iPad 2 available for iOS 4.3?

There might be a possibility that Apple would have patched up the previous exploits found in iOS 4.2 for jailbreaking. What now? Devs will have to look for a new exploit to jailbreak iOS 4.3.

An iPhone hacker, @p0sixninja, is hoping that the old SHAtter exploit still exists to jailbreak iOS 4.3 easily without having to look for new ones.

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