Seesmic for Android 1.6: Facebook, Twitlonger Support, More Widgets

Seesmic for Android released their latest app update today which brings full Facebook integration, Twitlonger support, more widgets and a lot more.

The new Seesmic for Android 1.6 lacked full Facebook integration like its iPhone counterpart, but now it’s even better than the iOS version of Seesmic!

This app now comes with complete Facebook support with Facebook pages. Add your Facebook account, view updates, comment, like, post to your accounts as well as to all the Facebook pages you’re an admin of. It now also supports TwitLonger, i.e. if you post tweets that are longer than 140 characters.

Head over to the Android Marketplace to download the latest Seesmic for Android 1.6.

Watch the video below!

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