Nexus S / Nexus One Android 2.3.3 Now Available

by on February 23, 2011
in Android

Google just announced that they are rolling out the Nexus One / Nexus S Android 2.3.3 software update OTA and it will take a few weeks before it is fully completed.

The update will be rolled out over-the-air and will take some time to for all users to receive it. People with both devices will not receive it in one day.

Android 2.3.3 for Nexus S is expected to fix the random reboot issue and data signal loss, and of course a number of other bugs. This update will also improve the NFC capabilities on the Nexus S by allowing it to write NFC tags.

Nexus One Android 2.3.3 software update will finally bring the long-awaited Gingerbread update to the device including most of the features from the Nexus S and may be a few more. Of course, it won’t get the NFC feature as the Google Nexus S was the only phone with the NFC capabilities.

No idea when the update will be available for my Nexus S and Nexus One, but as Google said, be patient! Let’s see how long will this take to get to me.

[Via @GoogleNexus]

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