How to Disable New Photo Viewer in Facebook

by on February 21, 2011
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Facebook recently rolled out the new photo viewer “Theater Mode” for all the users, and like ever design change this has been annoying most of the users while some others like it.

The new photo viewer in my view is really bad and the previous one was a lot better, with a cleaner look. This new ‘theater’ look is no better.

How to Disable New Photo ‘Theater’ Viewer in Facebook

You can follow the following solution to disable the new Facebook photo viewer.

When you open a photo in the theater mode, check the URL of the photo and from end of the URL and remove “&theater“. This will display the entire album back in the old viewer.

I know this is not a permanent solution, and you will have to repeat that step every time you open a new photo. I’ll update as soon as I find a better solution i.e. a Greasemonkey script.

UPDATE: Here’s a permanent solution to get the old photo viewer back in Facebook!

[Via Imtiaz (Twitter)]

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