Twitter for Android 2.0 Review, Screenshots

by on February 11, 2011
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Twitter for Android 2.0 was just released by Twitter and is now available for download from the Android Market. What is new in it? A brand new UI, lots of bug fixes and is now a lot faster than before.

The official Twitter Android app has always lacked Twitter developers love as compared to it’s iPhone counterpart – even in the last major update, it never got any better.

Twitter for Android 2.0 Review

Twitter Android 2.0 app brings a new UI, the same dark look as on the website and in my opinion is a much-wanted overhaul that everyone had been waiting for. The header of the app brings quick access to the timeline, mentions, direct messages and lists.

Like I said earlier, this app looks really impressive in the first look, but after some use, puts you down. The “Pull down to refresh” on Twitter for Android 2.0 is something that still needs a lot of work. The app has lag when you refresh your timeline or mentions. Even the sliding menu for every tweet in the main timeline is very buggy.

Compose area is still pretty much the same with the same options, but with a few UI changes, it is now a lot neater. Options include adding people to your tweet, taking a photo from camera, gallery photos or attaching location.

You can now edit your profile info right from the app, including your Twitter profile photo.

One new feature that I really like is that the Twitter Android app now scans your contacts on your phone, check their names for their Twitter IDs and show them all in a list for you to follow people you know.

Twitter for Android 2.0 syncs with your contacts and updates them with their latest tweets and their profile photo. Not a new feature, but still this is one of the reasons why I have the official Twitter app installed on my phone – with notifications turned off!

Twitter for Android 2.0 is now a lot faster and brings some new functionality as well, but for people (like me) who have been using Seesmic for Android, this app still isn’t that good to make us change to the official app. It needs a lot of work, a more stable and less-choppy user-experience.

Twitter for Android 2.0 Screenshots

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