How to Hide Friends List in Facebook

Facebook privacy issues has always been a concern for most of the Facebook users. Spammers, fake profiles and stalkers on Facebook is a norm. Today while playing with the new privacy features of Facebook, I came across the option to completely hide my friends list.

Earlier it was very difficult to hide your friends list from some or all of your Facebook friends and public, but now it’s possible.

How to Hide Your Friends List in Facebook

Just follow the simple steps below to hide your friend’s list on Facebook.

1. Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Go to Account > Privacy Settings from any Facebook page.

3. On that page, you will see ‘Connecting on Facebook’, click View Settings under it.

4. Look for “See your friend list” and change the option to whatever you want. To completely hide your friend’s list from everyone, follow the steps below.

5. From the options, choose ‘Custom’ and make its visibility to “Only Me’. That should hide your friends from everyone.

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