AdSense Signup Tips and New Requirements

by on November 12, 2010
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All new users who are trying to sign up for Google AdSense must have had difficulties on getting their new account approved Reason? Google AdSense have revised their requirements for new accounts. It’s been a while since I posted some beginner blogging/money-making tips, so here’s one for all the new bloggers.

Signing up for AdSense in the past was a piece of cake. Even a blog owner could have signed up for a new account – but it’s all different now. Tons of accounts are being suspended or websites are being blacklisted everyday.

AdSense started receiving a massive number of spam account registrations from India, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, China etc. (not all websites mentioned on the AdSense website) and in result, they imposed some strict requirements for all the account signups coming from the these countries. Every time a user sign up for an AdSense account from the above mentioned countries, it is carefully checked for any past AdSense acitivity, blog/website etc.

Here is a list of the new and updated AdSense requirements by Google:

1. Blog/Website Age

Your blog/website should be atleast 6-12 months old. Previously, even a day old website could have easily signed up for a new AdSense account, but is not the case anymore.

2. Own Domain

Your blog/website should be on a top-level domain (i.e, AdSense signups with or blogs in the URL field won’t be accepted. This requirement takes affect for only new signups. Old accounts are safe.

3. Updated, Original Content

Content on your blog/website should be updated regularly, and ofcourse, should have original content. Blog/websites with spam content or those who are not following the AdSense guidelines will have their accounts suspended. Your content archives and dates are also checked to ensure your blog/website is regularly updated.

4. Not For Corporate Sites

Google AdSense is strictly NOT for corporate websites. They do not allow you to make money out of such websites and if ads found on them, it will result in account suspension!

If you do not follow the the requirements given above, your application for a new AdSense account will get rejected and that applies specially to users from India, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, China.

Most of the old Google AdSense accounts are safe, but Google is in constant search of spam blogs/websites and have been terminating their accounts.

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  • Guest

    i have applied for adsense for my blog and its been a month they never reply to my application. they sould atleast reply to my application either accepted or rejected?
    can i aply from other email? or account?

  • Quite an interesting post. I've also heard from some bloggers from Pakistan that they don't have Western Union option in their accounts. May be this is also a security tactic used by Google Adsense team?

  • whats new in this post? Every body knows that how to get adsense account. post something new


  • Oogyx

    Adsense is total crap…..I wish pakistan starts such new service…Its not for us..:(

  • I have a domain 8 months old and now adsense approve my account.

  • discobytes

    no, you should wait for a reply, if you mailed them again they will even did not reply to the 1st one! And instead of blaming to ad-sense we Pakistanis should try to show Google that we all are not duffers! As one of my duffer Pakistani friend clicked my ads and at the end results in closing of my account from Google, i do not blame Google!