Huawei IDEOS Review

by on November 3, 2010
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Huawei IDEOS is an entry-level Android0-based smartphone, that is powered by Froyo and is called “the world’s first affordable smartphone”. It fits perfectly well with the statement because it is being sold all over the world for around $150 only.

Huawei IDEOS Specifications

Considering the price, this phone offers some nice specifications that a smartphone of today would need. Some of them are:

  • Display: 2.8-inch TFT touchscreen
  • Processor: 528 MHz Qualcomm Processor
  • Camera: 3.2 megapixels camera, no LED flash
  • Memory: 256MB RAM, microSD slot
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi, microUSB upto 16GB
  • Other: GPS, FM Radio, accelerometer, proximity sensor, Android Market
  • OS: Android 2.2

Huawei IDEOS Review

IDEOS feels small when in your hands, but it’s not very lightweight. Build quality is good. Screen size is something about which I would complain, because smartphones deserve to have atleast 3.5-inches of screen. The phone is just not comfortable when typing a long message or text.

The touch buttons below the screen – back, menu, home, search – are responsive. But the round navigation button is something I was not happy with. Even the two buttons for answering/rejecting a call are useless. After Android 1.6, the calls buttons are not needed anymore.

Touchscreen is capacitive, but not of the very best quality. It’s responsive, but as I have said before, it’s small. You can’t even type properly. Same was the case with HTC Tattoo!

The best thing about the phone is that it comes with Froyo on board which gives you all good-iness of Android in this one small device. You get to try all the latest Android apps and games on the IDEOS, when there are still many devices who are on Android 2.1.

Overall, if you’re looking for an Android phone which runs the latest software and is also affordable – IDEOS is the best choice!

Huawei IDEOS Photos

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  • eb

    Did you test the model that is sold by Zong or did you buy yours elsewhere? Just wanted to know if the one sold by Zong is sim/network locked or is it possible to use it on any network?

  • hamidilyas

    Excellent review as always….

  • Yes, this phone is locked to Zong :)

  • Yes, this phone is locked to Zong :)

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  • You have to get it unlocked from Hafeez Center will cost around 150 – 200 Rs

  • Also the screen resolution is low, so it might not be able to run some apps.

  • Also the screen resolution is low ( around 340×480), so it might not able to run some apps.

  • Well i think the Price of $150 takes our attention towards this Smart Phone. The Expensive Smart phones are Usually avoided by People

  • Rao

    Haris.. tell me does it really worth spending 16k on it? I need your suggestion should i buy this or not? what do you suggest personally? :)

  • If you don't care about Resale and Brand you should go for it.

  • Fenton Travers

    I've owned the Ideos for about 4 months now…here's what not to expect

    (1) All camera (video) sucks…very rudimentary
    (2) Volume is way too low. Even on max I can barely hear unless I'm in a quiet environment.
    (3) Recently the power management is very screwed. Once battery wore right down and couldn't charge back up…took to shop and they said they had to reset the battery. Now it's just draining like crazy and I don't know why. From full charge to dead in 9 hrs with NO USE!

    Whats cool…
    I like how easy it is to tether my laptop, very nice.
    I like not being walled in with itunes as I use ubuntu…so drag and drop USB is great for ANY type of file, mp3 or otherwise…

    So overall: if you can live with piss-poor music playing and camera picture taking…and the battery issue just happens to be my particular phone…then okay…the price is good, and you get all the syncing with google contacts/calendar that is very handy… Otherwise, Huawei, fix at least the music volume, geez!

  • Ali Waqas

    Anyone managed to unlock their Zong IDEOS to work on other carrier sims in Pakistan? anyone knows if rooting will solve that or you'll need to tinker with bootloader etc?