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by on October 25, 2010
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Nokia has recently launched the Nokia N8, their latest multimedia powerhouse and the 2010 flagship product of Nokia.

I was lucky enough to try out the phone before its launch in my country – Pakistan – and also got a hands-on experience on how Nokia has evolved its concepts with this phone release and brings a new Nokia experience for all the smartphone users.

Nokia N8 is the first device to ship with the all new open-source Symbian^3 OS for mobile devices. In other words, Nokia is ready to take on iOS and Android and as well as Windows Phone 7 with this. We can’t be sure of that till the phone hits the market.

The N8 features one of the best ever camera on a mobile device. The 12 megapixels Carl Zeiss lens is one of the best features of the phone – and to top that with, Nokia has featured 720p HD video recording.

According to my first impressions of the phone, build quality is seriously one of the best in Nokia phones. Previous models, like the Nokia N96 or the N97 did not have that feeling but when you hold the N8 in your hands, you get the feeling of holding something solid and it provides an easy grip.

Symbian^3 turns out to be the most polished version of Symbian ever. If not the best among other mobile OS, it still stands out as the best one when related to Symbian 3rd and Symbian 5th Edition. S60 devices based on S^3 will give the same easy-to-use Nokia experience but this time it’s with nice animations and is much more faster. If you didn’t like the Symbian 5th Edition, make sure you give this a try once!

Nokia N8 features an HDMI-out slot which works just the way it should. You can easily watch HD videos on your TV without the need of a DVD or Blu-ray Player. And the 5.1 channel surround sound and music quality leaves every other smartphone behind in that race.

Nokia N8 Hands-On Videos

We got an exclusive hands-on the Nokia N8 before it’s launch. This videos below include the unboxing of the Nokia N8 and a quick features tour of the Symbian^3.

Remember, this is just the preview of the Nokia N8. A full Nokia N8 review will be posted soon! So keep tuned!

Nokia N8 Photos Gallery

A big thanks to my friend, Waqas Ahmed, for the all the photos above!

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  • WOW!!!!!!! Man u bought two of those!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing. I am planning to buy one but I cant make up my mind whether to go for iPhone 4 or N8? What do say? Hardware wise nothing can beat N8. But what about the OVI are there decent apps for N8. Please make a post about available apps for N8.

  • fahad mushtaq

    bhai iphone 4 lelo ankhen band ovi store me kuch bi ni hai.n8 ka camera sirf acha hai likin iphone ka camera bi kisi se kam ni.

  • Rix

    did you get to keep the N8 from ufone or did you have to return it =P

  • Just to be clear, this was not from Ufone and they have nothing to do with this review or anything.

  • Amritchouhan31

    nokia n8 sab se aacha mobile hai

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  • Nirmalsenapati

    i want to buy a iphone 4, what is the cost in INR

  • Anonymous

    According to my phone first impression, build quality is the best Nokia phones based on previous models, such as the Nokia N96 or the N97, seriously. When you hold in your hands N8, you put something solid feel, it provides an easy grip.

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