Dell Penthouse Media Event in Singapore

by on October 17, 2010
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Like I posted once before, Dell is going to have a Penthouse Media Event in Singapore and will showcase various Dell products – released and unreleased there. This event is to be held on October 22, 2010.

Dell has invited bloggers from countries around for this event. They will be showcasing several laptops i.e Dell Inspiron R, Dell XPS Series, AlienwareM11x, desktops include Alienware Aurora ALX Desktop and Dell Inspiron All-In-One, and will also have Dell Streak and the just announced, Dell Venue Pro (Lightning), powered by Windows Phone 7.

Dell will show a family using Dell products that live in a penthouse and how there is a Dell for everyone and for multiple purposes. Media bloggers will be allowed to roam free and experiment with all the live demo units to get a hands-on experience and all of their supported peripherals will be displayed as well.

The Penthouse

This penthouse will consist of a large living room which will depict an intelligent home for a modern tech savvy family. The smart living room cum entertainment room for the family will be streaming video. The family consists of Michael, Bernadette, Dennis and Mrs. Baker.

Michael’s Room
Michael is a sporty 15 year old teenager who loves to play Starcraft/FIFA and has tons of homework to complete as any other teenager in Singapore does.

Bernadette’s Room
Bernadette is an undergraduate female who loves fashion & a unique style to stand out.

Dennis’ Room
He is a quirky, young designer with his own company, works from home in a studio apartment.

Mrs. Baker’s Kitchen
A busy working mother of three, Mrs. Baker needs to juggle her time well, multi-task, and keep her kids happy with healthy snacks throughout the day.

Android Gaming Competition

This entire event will start at 5:30pm and will go on till 3am. And not to forget, it will also have a Raging Thunder 2 gaming competition on the Dell Streak.

Ranging Thunder is one of the first 3D racing games on the Android platform. Dell will showcase Streak’s processing and 3D prowess! Winners will get to take home a Dell Streak.

We will be covering the entire event! So stay tuned!

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