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by on October 8, 2010
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Download Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo now by pointing your mobile browser to It’s free! The Mozilla Blog just announced the availability of the first beta release of Firefox 4 Mobile for Android and Maemo platforms.

Firefox 4 for mobile is built on the same technology as the Firefox 4 for desktop and has been optimized for a mobile-browsing experience. It features some of our favourite desktop Firefox 4 features in the mobile app i.e. Firefox Sync, Add-ons and the Awesome Bar.

We have been following the development of Firefox 4 for Mobile (aka Fennec) from its early alpha releases and we must say, Firefox 4 beta is a big improvement in the browser stability and speed after Fennec for Android Pre-Alpha release. Just a week ago, Firefox announced that Fennec will be named Firefox for Mobile.

Firefox 4 for Android has the same UI since day one, but speed and stability is where it has improved a lot. It used to take almost a minute to get the browser working smooth after its initialize launch on the Nexus One, but now the app flies on both, the Nexus One and the Samsung Galaxy S.

If pull the screen towards right, on the left side of the browser you will see all your opened tabs and from there you can also open new ones. Similarly, on the right side of the browser, you have buttons to bookmark the website, go back or forward buttons as well. And at the bottom, you will see a Preferences button that brings up the Preferences page to configure the app as we want.

Firefox addons is the same feature why most of us love Firefox experience on desktop where we can customize the browser with our favourite addons. You can download new ones, or enable/disable existing addons from the Add-ons page.

When surfing websites, if you want to save an image, just like other browsers, simply long-press the image and you will see the options for that image.

Firefox 4 for Android also features the Awesome Bar that was first introduced in Firefox 3.0. To open a previously opened website or a bookmark, simply type in the words and you will be shown all the matching website URLs below.

Searching for a product, music or anything else on Twitter, Amazon, Google or Wikipedia is also a piece of cake now. Just type in your search query and select the service that you want Firefox 4 for Android to search in.

If you like a page and would like to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader or through email, just tap on the favicon of that website and you will be given options on how to share that page.


There are no specific requirements for this browser to run on your Android phone other than that you need a fast and one of the new Android devices to run Firefox 4 for Android. Supported and tested devices include: HTC Desire, Nexus One, HTC Evo, Motorola Droid 2, Samsung Galaxy S I9000.

I’m still exploring the application for more features and improvements after the first alpha. This post will be updated if I find more. Do share your views regarding this Android browser below in the comments.

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  • wow, looking awesome. Such reviews make me to buy new gadgets, and this time an android phone.

  • nice review, i must say

  • It's not working on my HTC Wildfire :(

  • Paddy

    The minimum requirement for Firefox for Android is an ARMv7 processor, e.g. Desire, Droid X etc, nothing under 1Gz will work.

    Also the Awesome Bar was first introduced in Opera and just the address bar.

  • You're buying an Android phone just to be able to use a beta quality browser? :O