Internet Explorer 9 Beta Released for Windows 7

Microsoft unveiled today the first beta release of Internet Explorer 9 – and it is now available for download.

I haven’t much played with the browser yet, but from my first impressions, it is too buggy for a beta release. If you try to load this website, the Facebook widget in the sidebar won’t even load.

IE9 is definitely fast, but I hope the Internet Explorer team really fixes all the bugs and glitches which are available in the first beta release.

Download Internet Explorer 9 Beta

You can download Internet Explorer 9 Beta for Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) from here:

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  • Personally, i agree with you here.Internet explorer 9 has too many bugs to deal with and they should be removed on immediate basis.But it's just a Beta release so a ray of hope is still there.

    Great blog you have got here..Very informative..Thumbs up.