How to Put Samsung Galaxy S in Recovery Mode

by on September 4, 2010
in Android, Gadgets, Tips and Tricks

I got the Samsung Galaxy S for my personal use, and after a few days of playing with the phone, I will be covering vairous articles on that phone i.e rooting, flashing a new ROM etc.

Let’s start off with something basic. One of the most important things you should know is how to get into Recovery mode on the Samsung Galaxy S I9000.

Follow the steps below to get into the Recovery mode.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Now hold the Volume Up + Power buttons together.
  • Your phone will now boot into the Recovery mode.

You should see a screen something like the one in the photo above.

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  • Harryher73

    when i get on to the recovery mode
    my home botton nor my volume up and down button does not work……………………….

  • Which phone do you have? I9000?

  • Shin_k7

    cannot~~~any other way to go recovery mode?

  • Duke

    IDIOT! These instructions are how to hard reset the phone! This will blank the phone! Please no one follow this article!

  • To hard reset your phone OR flash a new ROm, you first need to go in

    Recovery mode. This is what the article is about.

  • Henry

    To set the phone into recovery mode to get what the picture suggests you have to press the volume UP key, not the volume DOWN key as suggested here.

  • okizen

    When you wrote “?Now hold the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons (when you see the Samsung logo, stop holding it for half a second and then again hold it).”. which of the 3 buttons do we have to let go of?

  • rozza

    volume UP not down! The top button!

  • rozza

    volume UP not down! The top button!

  • rozza

    volume UP not down! The top button!

  • David–afc

    i got the 19000 and neither volume up or down work, goes onto a screen where it says downloading do not turn off power with a yellow triangle. my phones blocked out after my friend constantly got the login pattern wrong

  • Laifek

    Restart your phone, after you'll see samsung logo, hold volume up and home button (with out power!). You will enter recover mode.

  • Lochmaddy

    Oh fuck! Did as you said. Now its says downloading. Do not turn off :(

  • Kbml

    This doesn't work. The phone just boots up as normal. Where are these instructions coming from? I hate Samsung/Google. Why can't they put some decent official documentation out here? Why make a product then abandon your users? They deserve to fail.

  • guest

    f… you wery much….

  • Jsja

    You fukkin idiot! I just resetted my phone! -.-
    You should edit this post!

  • Mora

    Does ANYBODY know how to get in recovery mode, the right way? I just don't get it. Neither of the options really work :s My samsung galaxy s just keeps showing me the flashing S-screen and it buzzes often. I just can't get it fixed! helpp?