RoadSMS Samsung App For Any Android Phone

by on September 3, 2010
in Android, Mobile Apps

People bump into others a lot when they are texting while walking in the streets, but Samsung released their own solution for that problem.

RoadSMS shows your road through the screen by a transparent keyboard using the camera in your phone. This way you will know what’s coming ahead of you even while texting.

This app is exclusive to Samsung Apps and is only available to the Samsung Galaxy S users which have the Samsung Apps Market in the phone.

After a little tinkering around, I managed to grab the .APK file of the Road SMS app from the Galaxy S and installed it on my Nexus One. Luckily, it worked on my N1 without any problems at all.

Download RoadSMS for any Android Phone

You can download the RoadSMS .APK file from here: Download RoadSMS

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