Digg v4.0 Invitations Giveaway

by on August 21, 2010
in Internet, Social Networks

Digg v4 is going to be officially launched for public this Friday, but almost a week earlier, we have got our hands on a few invites to giveaway for our readers!

Power ‘diggers’ all around the world are waiting on how this new Digg will effect them and their ways to pop up an article on the Digg front page. I just got an invitation myself to the new Digg 4.0, and I’m still exploring it.

Digg v4 Invitations Giveaway

For now, if you want an invitation to the new Digg, drop a comment below in the comments box and I’ll be giving them out on first-come-first-get basis. So grab them now, I have very few to give at the moment!

Or, Mashable has 1000 invites to give away. You can get one from there too while they last, from here: Digg v4 Invitations Giveaway

Digg v4 Invitations Giveaway

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  • djbubble

    Send me an invite :)

  • Hamad

    Hey man,

    How about you keep the invites :P ?

  • Why? Don't you want one? =P

  • send me too :D

  • Grab one from here while this link lasts!

  • fskhan999

    Hey, the invitation is open for all, you just have to hit you email address, username n pwd, as i got it the same way. Digg will give you access after few days, then what giveaway you are giving ??

  • This is instant access. You won't have to wait for Digg to approve :)

  • I will like to get one. Please send one

  • Letse see if this update makes it to the top news