Android TweetDeck Beta v0.9.4: Beta 4 Released

by on August 20, 2010
in Android

TweetDeck for Android Beta 4 has just been released by the TweetDeck team. This update brings the new Column settings UI which was promised in the last Beta 3 release.

You can now set individual columns with notifications, led flashing, sound and vibrate (or any combination thereof). You’ll also be able to set the refresh rate per column and delete the column from this page.

Full changelog of Android TweetDeck Beta v0.9.4:

  • Updated column notifications & refresh rate settings UI
  • Added Light, Sounds & Vibrate notification options
  • Fixed bug which stopped Facebook updates from appearing
  • Can now “Share” an image from the Android Gallery App to TweetDeck
  • Can now “Share” a link from the Android browser to TweetDeck
  • “Shared” links are auto-shortened using

Download Android TweetDeck Beta v0.9.4

You can download the latest beta 4 of Android TweetDeck from here: Download Android TweetDeck Beta v0.9.4

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    Thank you for updating information on this app consistently and providing direct download links.