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by on August 19, 2010
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Have you ever used the Add-ons portal from Mozilla Firefox? It provides users with the best add-ons and apps available for the web browser. Similarly, Apple’s app store is an online portal where every utility made for Apple’s iOS operating system is made available for users to test and download. Google, in its goal to become the giant of everything has now introduced plans of its very own app store for its Google Chrome web browser and possibly the operating system it is developing. This app store is bound to change how online add-on stores are viewed and thought of.


Google will be integrating the already available features of app stores such as categories, icons for apps, top rated apps and much more along with incorporating interactive features such as knowing which apps your friends like the most or what do they recommend. Users can also share their favorite apps with their friends while on the app store. This integration of live interaction will be done via Gmail and Google Buzz. Also, the good thing is that unlike Apple, which cuts around 30% of every app’s cost as its own share, Google will be cutting only around 5% as ‘processing fee’ and the rest of the revenues will be transferred to the app developers. This is sure to bring some Apple app developers to join forces to build apps for Google’s app store since it will be more profitable for them to do so.


Also, the app store will make Google’s desktop operating system, the Chrome OS more popular one since no such facility currently exists for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X; two of the leading operating systems around the globe right now.

Form the likes of it, one can confirm that Google has got big aims and ambitions for its Chrome app store. Question to be asked now is, whether they can deliver all this in time? Stay tuned to find out in this regard.

[Via – Mashable]

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