Facebook Places Unveiled

Facebook Places is the latest feature added in Facebook today. We knew this was coming as the rumours had been circulating for a while now.

Places is all about location services and how Facebook users can utilize it. Facebook Places allows you to check-in places just like you do with Foursquare.

Foursquare, Gowalla and Yelp are the launch partners of Facebook Places which will use the new API of Facebook Places and you check-ins will show up at the Places page on Facebook. Places lets you easily share where you are, what you’re doing and the friends you’re with right from your mobile.

  • Check in and your update will appear on the Place page, your friends’ News Feed and your Wall.
  • Tag the friends you’re with so they can be part of your update.
  • Appear in “Here Now” to friends and others nearby who are also checked in.
  • Browse status updates of friends checked in nearby.
  • After checking in, tap “Here Now” to see who else is checked in where you are.

One thing to remember here is, you have to use Facebook Places to allow your friend to tag you and check-in places when you’re with him. If you’re already using Places, it’s like you checked in yourself without having to do a thing. If you’re not using Places yet, it’s just like being mentioned in a status update.

Facebook Places is now available on Facebook for iPhone 3.2 app which just got updated with the launch of Places. Facebook for Android and BlackBerry will get this feature soon.

Places will soon go live on http://www.facebook.com/places.

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