Facebook Rolling Out Location based Service Tomorrow?

by on August 17, 2010
in Facebook, Personal

clip_image002News reporting agencies and various news sources are being invited by the Facebook authorities on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 in an event which is being organized to “provide an update on the service’s features and products” of Facebook. The invitation news just popped up sometime today and it is still blurry on what the ‘update’ will actually be to the services offered by Facebook.

However, everything is not unknown at this point in time; AllthingsD has reported that Facebook will be introducing a new feature to their service, which is similar to foursquare’s geo-location based check-in service. This news bit has been reported with the aid of ‘multitude of sources inside Facebook’ and also includes the following piece: Facebook is likely to “integrate other third-party services and will give developers on Facebook’s platform geo-location capabilities.”

The event is scheduled to start at 1800 HRS Pacific Time so stay tuned to find out first hand on what the Facebook administration has coming up for all its subscribers!

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