Oracle Files a lawsuit against Google over Android and Java

by on August 14, 2010
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Get ready for another season of drama as two software giants weigh their wings for yet another battle in the popular Java wars, as this time it is Orcale going head to head with Google. The former database giant Oracle yesterday announced in a press release that it will be filing a lawsuit against Google for infringing on copyrights and patents related to Java, which were already acquired by Oracle along with Sun Java Systems earlier this year.

The press release states that, Google “knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property.”

Oracle has filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, says that “Android (including without limitation the Dalvik VM and the Android software development kit) and devices that operate Android infringe one or more claims of each of United States Patents Nos. 6,125,447; 6,192,476; 5,966,702; 7,426,720; RE38,104; 6,910,205; and 6,061,520.” When Google was asked for a response, a spokesman stated that since the company had not been issued a legal notice over the issue, Google has no official stand on the complaint or Oracle’s charges on it.

Meanwhile, Oracle flames Google full-time for the issue and state in the complaint filed to the district court that “Google has been aware of Sun’s patent portfolio, including the patents at issue, since the middle of this decade, when Google hired certain former Sun Java engineers.” This is a clear reference to Google CEO Eric Schmidt led the team that developed Java at Sun prior to becoming CEO of Google in 2001.

Let’s see where this battle of the giants in the courtroom goes. Stay tuned to find out more. You can view the actual complaint filed by Oracle against Google here.

Source – Image Credits: Google

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