Twitter to Launch Their Own Tweet Button

If you are familiar with StumbleUpon and TweetMeme, a service which lets users share web content directly from the webpage they are visiting itself and not logging in to any separate pages, then we’ve got good news for you. Twitter is introducing its own button feature which will allow users to post and share their favorite web pages or URLs directly to Twitter without using StumbleUpon or any other third party source like TweetMeme etc


According to documents acquired by mashable, this service is in the pipeline and may be in active usage by as early as tomorrow, which is August 12, 2010. There is a problem however with this early launch: the service may not be available to the entire Twitter subscriber base and may be only a few test accounts get the chance to use the service and then subsequently the service would be expanded.

The official tweet button comes in at three different sizes measuring in at 10 x 20, 55 x 20, and 55 x 63. It also features the Twitter bird alongside the button. The twitter button will make other add-ons pretty useless once it arrives since it will be the best and most optimal piece of utility to use. The creation of an official Twitter button follows similar decisions by Twitter taken in the past where they have presented their own solutions thereby curbing third party Twitter app developers like Atebits for its Tweetie mobile apps or Cloudhopper for its SMS programs in the past.

Let’s see how the service runs when Twitter officially ups it in the very near future.

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