Zoom Facebook Photos in your Browser with Facebook Photo Zoom

Facebook is today’s one of the most popular social networking website. Millions of people interact with their friends and family members and share their thoughts, pictures and videos with each other. The photo viewing aspect of Facebook is one of the most loved features by its users. This is why Facebook is constantly making improvements in this section.

However, with all the improvements, there remain some flaws which need to be solved by the Facebook team like the inability to view more than one picture at a time and the photo zoo feature. Thankfully, add-ons are now available for Chrome and Firefox which add useful feature to the Facebook Photos.

Facebook Photo Zoom is a Google Chrome extension which lets user enlarge the Facebook photos once they hover the mouse button over the image. When the plugin is installed, clicking the thumbnail image of the photo in an album will enlarge it to its original size without the user having to actually click on the photo. The same extension exists for the Firefox web browser as well and lets user enlarge Facebook photos in Firefox as well.

For anyone who uses Facebook and loves to view photos of their friends and family members, these two great extensions providing the same functionality are a must have.

Both the Chrome and the Firefox variants of the Facebook Photo Zoom are available at the Extensions Gallery and the Add-ons portal for those two web browsers respectively.

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  • That was a really cool feature, thanks alot for the share!