Throw a Shoe at Zardari – Game

by on August 7, 2010
in Internet

Now we all know how much the people of Pakistan hate their President. The news just got in that someone in UK threw a shoe at Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan.

Thanks to a friend on Twitter, I just found out an interesting game: Hit a Shoe at Zardari. I’m sure all my Pakistani friends would be glad to do it. Hehe ;) Play the game after the break!

Disclaimer: This game is not created by me or any of Sizzled Core authors. Credit goes to the developer who made it!

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  • Ha Ha Ha No Words For this.

  • Haroon Mazhar Muhammad

    Aik Looli Langri “Democracy” is better than the Best/Excellent “Dictatorship” .

    Haris, Remember this sentence and stay with this Democracy, pray for our Country in the month of Freedom. if we will grow this Democracy(Jasey bhi hai), then… we will finally achieve our Goals…otherwise we lose everything…….So stay tuned…..hope for the best… do something for the nation…avoid negative talks and status and and this type of games……….Plz Plz Plz….

    Haris! be nutral in your debates and just focus on the prosperity of the Nation

    We dont expect anything from all of these politicians” I believe that we have to do everything for our Pakistan and for our people so just focus on flood victims… and forget about everything for a while.

  • Hahaha… thats an amazing share! i wished if the game had more levels to play :D Awesome share!

  • Nabeel

    while army is busy in saving people from flooded areas, democratic jialay are busy killing in karachi . . .fu** this democracy, i need army! who atleast feels our pain… who is from between us

  • Ehsan

    All of those who say that democracy is better than dictatorship i know a tv anchor who even went as far as to say that if even an ANGEL came down and supported dictatorship i wont support it ! just to let all of you Muslims know there is NO & i mean NO mention of Democracy or a democratic system in ISLAM ! YOU CAN go look it up if you want !

  • Abdulmoeen Qureshi

    thaks for this amazing game

  • I completly agree with you. Hey harris being a Pakistani you are telling world that how much you hate Pakistan

  • subata junaid

    i like this game

  • muskan

    lesson of your stress and depression

  • timber

    really rite

  • Territary

    hahhhah..!! itxx totalllyy amazinnnngg…..:D:D

  • SAMI1953


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  • Sunnybukhari112

    chaaaaaaaaaaa chache juti pe gaiu

  • Hadiazeb

    jis nay bhi yeh game banai hai main usay 10,00 rupay don gi….

  • Hadiazeb

    Best game ever….