More than 200,000 Android Devices Activated Every Day: Google

by on August 6, 2010
in Android

android-22-froyo-logoWho says Android is not one of the leading operating systems for smartphones today? Google today revealed statistics showing that the company is activating more than 200,000 Android devices every day. The fact was uttered by Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who also said that this was after a rise of 40,000 since the month of June in 2010.

The figures show an exponential rise in the usage of the Android operating system which competes with the likes of iOS and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry operating systems. Almost 100,000 devices were being activated each day in the month of May and now, within two months, the cost number has doubled. “It looks like Android is not just phenomenal but incredibly phenomenal in its growth rate. God knows how long that will continue,” said the CEO of Google. The good news revealed by Mr. Schmidt was that the revenues generated by Google by its open source Android operating system are enough to make the company pursue further ahead in this venture. “Trust me that revenue is large enough to pay for all of the Android activities and a whole bunch more. I should also say that we love the success of the iPhone because the iPhone also uses Google’s search and we get a chunk of that revenue when people search on the iPhone.” Schmidt told journalists in a meeting with journalists. Watch the video below to know all the proceedings of the press conference.

Is the era of Google overtaking Apple in the smartphone operating system war coming upon us? Only time can tell.

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