Easily Edit Images in Google Chrome Using GooEdit

by on August 6, 2010
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Today I present to you yet another useful extension for the Google Chrome web browser. This extension is especially useful for people who like to upload photos over the internet on different social networking websites and other platforms. GooEdit is a Google Chrome extension which lets users edit their pictures easily inside the browser windows, without even having them downloaded from the web!

You can open any image present on any website in Google Chrome and edit it according to your preferences and once done, save the image to your computer. Same is the case with pictures which need to be uploaded. The extension uses the latest HTML5 technology to achieve this marvelous feat.


GooEdit once installed introduces a new button in the Google Chrome toolbar and whenever the user needs to edit an image, all he/she needs to do is to hover their mouse over the image and click the edit button the toolbar or press ALT + Right Mouse Button to start editing the image selected. Once the image is selected, an editing toolbar appears inside the browser window which has a lot of options for editing the picture like crop, brightness, contrast, noise, rotate etc. GooEdit also provides advanced editing features within a friendly user interface (UI) which lets users work in a friendly and hassle free manner.


GooEdit is a great little utility for all casual web surfers who like to edit images according to their own tatse. If you want to do quick, hassle free basic picture editing while surfing the web using Google Chrome, GooEdit is the perfect companion for you.

GooEdit is available as a free download on the Extension page of Google Chrome. Click here to download this extension.

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