Facebook for Android 1.3: New UI, Friends Requests, Video and Events Support

Facebook for Android was one ugly app that badly needed an update with its ugly UI and some features. This new update brings many new features such as a new UI, friends requests, video playback and events support.


In the last update, Facebook added Inbox support to the app, but the latest Facebook for Android 1.3 is a much-needed update we all wanted from the ugly UI it had.

Taken from the official Facebook for Android page:

The latest version of Facebook for Android is now available! The app has a number of notable new features, including: video playback, the ability to view and RSVP for events, respond to friend requests without leaving the app, and an updated home page. The new home page has a draggable notifications drawer, a photo reel for easy viewing of your friends’ photos and videos, and the ability to post a status update or search for friends with just one click.

Droid users seem to be having some kind of trouble getting the the new Facebook for Android 1.3 to run, but I’m sure it will be soon fixed with a new minor update.

For now, the new app is working fine on my Nexus One! A highly recommended upgrade! Get it now from the Android Market.

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