IE 9 Beta Screenshots Leaked

by on July 30, 2010
in Internet, Microsoft

Internet Explorer 9 Beta, something we all have been waiting to get our hands on will soon be available for public download, probably in September.


And guess what? Just with that announcement, a Chinese website called CNBeta leaked out  a few screenshots of the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Screenshots




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  • Trick

    Is a new version of IE really “something we all have been waiting to get our hands on?” If I never had to get my hands on IE ever again, I'd be much a happier guy.

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  • IE9 is really going to give tough time to chrome and mozilla. Microsoft is really taking it seriously to capture the browser market. I am looking forward for IE9 after Mozilla Firefox 4 beta which is also better than Firefox 3.0

  • Shahan

    IE is never beating Firefox.

  • Trgbeck

    Pale Moon is enhanced version for Windows only..check it folks little or about the same as FF,but its a Mozzila Product.

  • Joshua Issac

    Acid3 score of 53 in the beta? Isn't the Platform Preview 4 on 95 already?