Android 3.0 on Nexus One, Out In The Wild

by on July 28, 2010
in Personal

We know Google is internally testing Android 3.0 (Gingerbread)’s early builds and somehow it seems a leaked photo of Android 3.0 running on Nexus One is also out in the wild.

Android 3.0 is expected to release by the end of this year, but Google is completely lip-tight about any sort of info on when Gingerbread (Android 3.0) is going to be released or announced.


Here’s a leaked screenshot of Android 3.0 running on Nexus One and – this just might be a fake one. Though, none of us are sure. We know how easy it is to fake the version and build of Android, don’t we?

[Via Neowin]

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  • Sheharyar [Psycho]

    well, i guess, we have to wait and see…