Microsoft Confirms Windows Phone 7 Launch Partners

by on July 24, 2010
in Announcements, Microsoft

Microsoft has been slowly unveiling details about its upcoming smartphone operating system, the Windows Mobile 7. Yesterday, it announced that all Microsoft employees will be getting free Windows Mobile 7 smartphones and today announced the names of the hardware partners which will be launching Windows Mobile 7 on their smartphone platforms.


Greg Sullivan, senior product manager for Microsoft, while talking to online weblog Pocket-Lint stated that smartphones from Dell, Asus, LG, HTC, and Samsung will be coming out with Windows Mobile 7 when it is launched later this year. Dell would be launching its Windows Mobile 7 based device, Dell Lightning. Along with that, Mr. Sillivan also hinted that LG will also be releasing a renamed Panther running on Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system. With Samsung and HTC also confirm launching smartphones, things are look steady for Windows Mobile 7. Furthermore, the product manager of Microsoft also stressed that Microsoft will not be limiting its new operating system to just a few carriers in the US and the UK. “We want as many people as possible to be able to get it”, Sullivan told Pocket-lint.

He also said that Microsoft will be providing features which are the best of the best with Windows Mobile 7. “We will offer the best aspects of Android and the best of the iPhone, giving users the flexibility of different form factors, but with the rigidity of apps that are guaranteed to work on every device that is out there. By the time we will launch, we won’t have to worry about stealing customers from other operating systems, there will a new wave of smartphone users to embrace for us to still be successful”.

Only time will tell how true these claims really are. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Windows Mobile 7 and Microsoft.

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