Motorola Droid X Face Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

by on July 22, 2010
in Android

droid-x-preorderThe new Motorola Droid X is facing a lot of troubles lately. First, the users reported that they are facing screen issues with Droid X and now, it’s Wi-Fi. Droid X users report that they are facing problems connecting to Wi-Fi network and poor performance once the connections is established.

There is no fixed solution released till now and there is no word from Motorola and Verizon about this issue. But several users report that changing the encryption mode from AES to TKIP resolves the issue to some extent. Many users also mentioned that changing the router from 802.11n to 802.11g reduces the number of disconnects users encounter.

Lets wait and see if all the users are facing these problems and what the companies have to say about this issue.

[Via – DroidForums]

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