Motorola Droid X Users Report Screen Issues

by on July 20, 2010
in Android

droid-x-preorderMotorola got a lifeline in the smartphone industry when its latest smartphone, the Droid X received a huge ovation on its release date and had overwhelming sales on its initial days of release. Online stores such as Best Buy and Verizon Wireless (the official carrier of Moto Droid X) reported stock shortages because of the huge demand of the smartphone following its launch in the US smartphone market.

However, it seems that situation will not be so ideal for Motorola any longer as users have just started to point out some serious flaws in the device. The biggest one yet which has been found is the screen and graphics display faults which the users are facing in their brand new devices not even before they’ve settled down in using their new Android running smartphone. Users re reporting that Motorola Droid X’s 4.3 inch FWVGA LCD screen causes flickering and sometimes vertical banding also occurs when used for some period of time.

Pocket Lint also came across a YouTube video of a disgusted Droid X owner who showed the problems his device was having for the whole world to see. From the video’s description one gets to know that this particular user took his Droid X for a replacement but has to wait until July 28, 2010 because of the smartphone being out of stock till then.

Is the new screen problem with Droid X a continuation of the saga of problems which every new major smartphone is facing these days (remember the iPhone Antennagate drama?). One never knows. Stay tuned to find out!

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