Motorola Droid and Motorola Devour Reaches End of Life

by on July 16, 2010
in Android

Motorola’s smartphone manufacturing ship is slowly going down in the waters, with desperate attempts being made to save the looming giant, with the Droid X being an example. However, another corner stone has now hit Motorola with reports surfacing, yet again, that Motorola’s flagship smartphones,

Droid and Devour might be nearing their ‘end-of-life’. This is not the first time such a date has been promised for these devices. DroidForums, a popular online forum for all Droid related news caught some internal screens showing both of the devices as having status “limited” and with “no remaining shipments” from the vendor.


With the upcoming inception of the latest Droid 2, Motorola’s next smartphone to carry the company through 2010, the rumors can be called somewhat more reliable than the ones before them. Droid 2 will be essentially replacing the aging old Droid which came out in November 2009 and an upgrade after 9 months means a good bye to the predecessor.

For now, all we have to support the statement is a screen shot, supposedly from the vendor shipping these devices and only time will tell when the Droid really meets its end.

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