Samsung Galaxy S Sells 300,000 Units in Korea, Expected to Get Froyo by August

by on July 14, 2010
in Android, Gadgets

samsung-i9000Samsung has been making its way through the smartphone market by releasing good quality smartphone devices into the market pool at regular interval. Equipped with one of the latest specs for today’s handheld smart devices, the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone created waves of interests from users around the globe when it was released. The smartphone is slowly increasing its worth in the Asian market and is selling like hot cakes in Korea, Samsung’s original home country.


Samsung, with their Galaxy S smartphone have managed to sell 100,000 units during the first six days of availability in Korea, a very promising number considering the supremacy of the iPhone in the Korean smartphone market. Also, the higher end Android-based Galaxy S has made 300,000 unit sales during the first 19 days of its launch, providing Samsung with the necessary platform to launch new smartphones aimed at the Korean market. The handset is available in Korea on the SK Telecom cellular service provider and the Korean users have made the Galaxy S the biggest hit of Samsung as compared to other parts of the world where Samsung has not dominated the market share by its Galaxy S release.

Keeping in view the great reception for the device, Samsung has reported that they will be upgrading the phone in the near future, possibly by the mid of August to Google Android 2.2 Froyo, the latest mobile operating system offered by Google. However, this offer still remains for the Korean users only as the multi-national giant hasn’t let open any plans of upgrading the devices being used and sold in other regions of the world. This includes the launch of Galaxy S in the United States 2 days from now under the flag of T-Mobile as its official carrier.

However, one should expect the Froyo upgrade to the Galaxy S to non-Korean markets in the near future as well.

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