Twitter Missing some @Replies

by on July 7, 2010
in Internet

twitter-logoTwitter is the home to almost every social networking geeks of today’s internet world. Whoever wants to interact with people online, it is almost like a religious practice to have a twitter account for that. However, with so much buzz on Twitter day in and day out, problems and glitches do arise.

Yesterday, several users, including developers who’re subscribed to twitter saw problems with the @replies functionality in Twitter. They reported that there were missing @replies in Twitter streams. The problem was took up by the Twitter administration immediately with Twitter infrastructure engineer John Kalucki writing in the forum that the timelines being reported by the users and developers with missing @replies were facing additional latency issue and the problem would be solved soon. However, after hours of the confirmation, streams continued to miss @replies.

Now Twitter has just confirmed that @replies have disappeared from some timelines due to unknown reasons and that they’re working hard to resolve the issue. A latest post from Twitter states that, “Some users are experiencing an issue in which they’re not receiving all of their @ replies; we’re working on a fix.” The source of the problem is unclear, and it might be due to the heavy traffic Twitter has been receiving due to the FIFA Football World Cup 2010. However, this seems rather unlikely since there was no World Cup game yesterday and the problem originated when traffic load could be assumed to be normal.

However, let’s hope that the issue gets resolved before the next match of the World Cup so users don’t have to face any more inconveniences in this regard.

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