Adobe Shows Flash 10.1 Running on Motorola Droid X

by on July 6, 2010
in Android, Softwares

We already know that Motorola’s upcoming smartphone, Motorola Droid X, will be out by the end of this year and rumors suggest that it will be powered by Android 2.2 Froyo. There is good news for all those fans that are eagerly waiting for Motorola Droid X and that is, it will come with support for Adobe Flash 10.1.


Senior Technical Evangelist at Adobe Systems Ted Patrick shows off Adobe Flash 10.1 running on the Motorola Droid X. However, the release date is still not confirmed but by looking at the progress, we can say that the day is near. Adobe has also made arrangements for the launch of Flash 10.1 for other mobile devices as well. We all know that Verizon Wireless will be the official carrier for Droid X but they haven’t said much about the release date either or the pricing plans. Enough talking, here is a video showing Adobe Flash 10.1 in action.

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