Yahoo! Search Includes Real Time Search Suggestions

yahoo-logo The web search domain has been dominated by Google in the past decade and the likes of the 90’s giants like Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL are left in the dust by Google’s massively popular search engine. However, Yahoo! hasn’t given up hope and still continues to provide its long standing web search feature.

The Yahoo! search has undergone another revamp and now the search engine includes real-time search suggestions when users start typing their search queries into the search box. This feature has been previously provided by Google, and Yahoo! search with its incorporation moves a step closer to challenge Google’s dominance of the search domain.


The real-time search suggestions work beautifully, with relevant suggestions as we type our queries. The suggestions improve when multiple word search queries are entered. This feature should be a welcome feaure for all those who still use Yahoo! search. This moves comes in the middle of several actions being taken by Yahoo which include making Android apps and developing an interest in buying billions of dollars of their stock.

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