Nokia to Launch Symbian^4 in Upcoming Mobiles

by on July 3, 2010
in Gadgets

clip_image002Nokia, in order to re-engage and regain support of their Symbian-liking fans and customers has decided to create a smartphone, preferably a top-of-the-line N-series handset which would be running on Symbian^4 operating system. The decision to take this move has been taken keeping in view the ever decreasing customer base of Nokia’s Symbian OS operated devices.

Nokia is releasing, in the near future, its latest N8 smartphone which will be the only device in the N-series operating on the Symbian^3 OS. Nokia is also developing an operating system in collaboration with Intel, named MeeGo, which aims towards the “computers of the future”.

Nokia is sticking to Symbian as its preferred operating system platform despite poor choices in the recent past. This has led to a decrease in the Symbian fan base of the company who demand good software from the manufacturer. Recently, Symbian Guru, a popular Symbina-Nokia dedicated website was closed down by its owners stating the poor hardware choices made by Nokia to run Symbian OS on had them forced for taking the decision.

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